WHY ProFútbolAnalytics?

Do you want to know the real physical and technical abilities of your young football players?

Do you want to have objective data?

Do you want to get better results?

Do you want to make your training methods more effective

WHAT IS ProFútbolAnalytics?

ProFútbolAnalytics provides analysis, comparison and thus a base for improvement of physical abilities and technical skills of young players.

Thanks to a comparison with extensive football database, ProFútbolAnalytics can reveal strengths and weaknesses of players, assess their improvement and identify potential for individual training.

The program consists of 6 tests of physical abilities that are critical for football and 4 tests of the most important football skills.

ProFútbolAnalytics is designed for football clubs / football camps / football academies / football associations that want to decide based on analyses and objective data and thus make their training methods more effective.

BENEFITS of ProFútbolAnalytics?

For players / parents

Identification of strengths and weaknesses of each player together with areas for individual training.

For coaches

Information based on analytical data assessing physical and technical capabilities of players, and their progress; a foundation for design of individual training plans.

For associations

Comparison of the level of physical and technical abilities among regional academies and clubs. Players’/clubs’ progress monitoring, possibilities of working with data for advanced analyses, support of PR.


Marek Hamsik - Ambassador

 Ambassador of ProFutbol Analytics


Alvaro Perez - Coach of Elche CF

''Hello Friends, I decided to be part of this program as soon as i found out about this project and its strength consists in being able to compare results of our players of the same age, to a worldwide database. This aspect will enable us to evaluate if our work methods at the club level are as effective as in the rest of the world. Furthermore at the individual level thanks to these evaluations, we are able to reinforce or redirect those physical qualities that most need it''


Dr. Tomas Peric, Ph.D.

''The subject of the sport talent identification and selection is being studied for over the 30 years and ProFutbolAnalytics is useful project which analyzes football talent in a fun way that comes from a professional approach“ 


Tomáš Ujfaluši

Ambassador of ProFutbol Analytics

For players

Physical abilities report + Technical skills report

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses based on comparison with peers – percentile for each physical ability and technical skill.
  • Player’s total score in physical abilities and technical skills.
  • Identification of areas to improve.

For the club / academy / association

Detailed club report

  • Detailed list of players with their results, strengths/weaknesses, and score at physical and technical abilities.
  • Indices based on players’ age – average percentile of groups based on players’ age – score at physical abilities and technical skills based on players’ age.
  • Club index – average percentile of all players in the club – score at physical abilities and technical skills on the club level.

For association

Summarizing analysis

  • Comparison of all tests of all clubs/academies – clubs ranking based on physical abilities, clubs ranking based on technical skills, and overall ranking.
  • Assessment of total improvement for each club and each ability / skill.